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Each vintage release of the Ulithorne Frux Frugis are allocated to our list of Ulithorne Allocation Buyers. The increasing global demand on these iconic wines are pressing as production is kept at a constant.

Our Ulithorne Allocation Customers are a primary reason for our success and therefore will always be communicated

Ulithorne produces small batch individual vineyard parcels that are identified as unique to the vineyard, reflecting the micro climate location, soil profile and age of the vines.

Each parcel is meticulously selected in the vineyard. Our winemaker throughout harvest, tastes and analyses each section of the vineyard to select the ideal ripened state and taste profile of each corner of the vineyard.

Hand pickers can frequent each vineyard up to more than ten times throughout harvest, picking as little as a tonne of fruit as selected by our winemaker as an essential small component of our 17 acres old vine vineyard.

If you would like to add your name to our Allocation Waiting List please email your details below. We will do our very best to offer you an allocation of our new releases of these rare wines.

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