Ulithorne ‘DONA’ Blanc 2017


DONA: [Latin] gift

The Dona series focuses on the varieties of Southern Rhone, France, which allows a continued exploration and celebration of the French ‘village’ style of wine. With ‘Dona’ meaning ‘gift’ it’s only fitting we use this range to help fund charitable influences on society.  This particular wine has been carefully crafted to convey all that is enjoyed in the Rhone Valley white wines: fresh acidity, some supportive texture, and lively fruit with a purity that reminds you of warm weather.

With citrus, apricot, white peach, and a slightly perfumed nose; this wine portrays fine texture, fresh acidity, grapefruit, apricot, and white peach with a slight nuttiness on the palate.

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The Source

57% Marsanne and 43% Viognier grapes grown in the McLaren Vale wine region. 

The Process

The Viognier and Marsanne were both picked in the cool hours of the night and very early morning about 5 days apart in mid-February 2017. The fruit was taken immediately into the winery, cooled to 10C and then gently pressed using the Champagne cycle (the gentlest possible pressing, with minimal turns), the fruit was pressed slowly over many hours, capturing the free run juice first, and then holding the pressings separate.  The free run of both varieties were then combined for fermentation, with a portion of the pressings going to barrel for natural fermentation. The separate parts were then blended to create the freshness and complexity required for the Dona Blanc. The final blend was then held in stainless steel until the lees had all settled and the wine stabilized ready for bottling.

The Technicalities

Alcohol: 12.7% | pH: 5.6 | Acidity: 6 g/L

The Accolades

“A co-fermented blend of Marsanne and viognier, with an unusual bouquet in which viognier is the most obvious, with dried flavours on the palate. Here, however, the tighter grip of young Marsanne provides texture and structure.” 90 points – James Halliday

Vintage 2016: “A co-ferment of viognier and marsanne, with pinot gris blended in. A beautiful nose: some peach, some vanilla, and other perfumed fragrances wafting in and out. It sits plump and viscous at the front of the mouth, which fools the taster into thinking there is not much more than an over-plump, dull wine there. Then it stretches very slowly like a cat flexing its claws, and carves the most beautiful track across the palate. Rich, honeyed flavours are scored through with fire and spice. It’s quite some wine. 95 points and great value at $27.” 95 points – Tony Key, The Key Report